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Ultra Gentle Baby Bath


Oatmeal & Rice

Packed with organic colloidal oats, our Ultra Gentle Baby Bath will easily absorb into the bath water to target and nourish your baby’s skin, by capturing moisture to rehydrate and replenish. After your baby has enjoyed his or her bath, a delicate film will be left on their skin which will continue to moisturise and protect. We also added coconut, which is known for its soothing and moisturising properties, so your baby will smell fresh and sweet, naturally.


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Active Ingredients

Certified Organic Colloidal Oats are great for your baby’s sensitive skin and they have been used for centuries as a soothing agent to relieve itches and irritation. The presence of different types of phenols provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, while the cleansing activity of oats is mostly due to their saponin content. When dispersed in water, colloidal oats form a milky bath that soothes as it naturally cleanses, without soap. Oatmeal has been clinically shown to hold moisture against the skin to hydrate and nourish. When it is used in a bath soak, the oat proteins leave a barrier on the skin which stops water loss and keeps the moisture in.

Rice Starch benefits have been known for centuries. Recent research has shown that rice starch added to bath water has beneficial effects on impaired barrier function and is effective in improving dry skin. Rice starch is also used for cooling inflammations and it can help skin recover faster and prevent further damage.

Coconut Milk Powder is known for its soothing and moisturising properties, we thought it would be just perfect for our Ultra Gentle Baby Bath.

Innately Self-Preserving

Our Ultra Gentle Baby Bath does not contain any water and therefore does not need any broad spectrum preservative: please try and avoid letting water in by using the bamboo spoon which comes with it, this will allow a longer shelf life.


Run a lukewarm bath, while the water is running add 2 heaped scoops of Ultra Gentle Baby Bath into the tub using the spoon provided (if using a baby-size bath add only 1 heaped scoop)

Stir the bath water with your hand to help Ultra Gentle Baby Bath dissolve

Soak baby in the bath for 10 minutes

Take baby out of the bath with care, as bath and baby will be slippery from Ultra Gentle Baby Bath’s nourishing goodness

Gently pat baby with a soft towel

For a happy baby use it in your baby’s bath every day


Important: Before use, always test on a small area of your baby’s skin and wait 24 hours to ensure no irritation occurs

✓ Non-rinse gentle bath for infants and babies
✓ Head-to-toe mild and natural cleansing action
✓ Moisturising and soothing for itchy skin or rashes
✓ 100% natural, soft and gentle on skin

✓ Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.


We advise the use of this product on its own, without adding any shower or bath gel to the bath.


Ingredients: Avena sativa Kernel flour (Colloidal Oats)*, Oryza Sativa (Rice) starch, Cocos Nucifera (coconut) milk powder*




200 g, 500 g


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